Are you thinking of a long hot shower or a bubble bath after spending a long tiring day at work? It will wipe away all your tiredness! But, wait. What if your bathroom looks dull? You have installed an exquisite fluted vanity, but what about its countertop? The empty countertop gives an unfinished look to your bathroom.

In such cases, decorating it can be the best way. You can place your favorite handy things in the bathroom most attractive way. So, if you’re wondering about the ideas to decorate your bathroom vanity countertop, you’ve chosen the right platform. Let’s start reading the following guide!

Bathroom Vanity Countertop Decoration Ideas You Never Knew

The bathroom is the first place you visit in the morning and the last area to spend some anxiety-free hours before sleep. So, why not get some bathroom vanity decorating ideas to make this place look more attractive? Here are some ideas that you must implement:

1. Use a Liquid Dispenser

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Modifying your bathroom vanity without extra room/space is the most complex challenge. But, you can go with adding compatible soap or liquid dispensers on the vanity countertops. Besides the decoration, liquid dispensers are a must for the safe or hygienic use of soaps in the bathroom.

What else? These dispensers are available in various styles and colors. You can place them on the right or left corners of the bathroom vanities. You’ll get extra space on the countertop to add other essentials. Furthermore, the addition of liquid dispensers has improved the working functionality of bathroom vanity countertops. It will also remind you whenever you’re getting short of soap supplies in the washing area.

2. Add Some Plants

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Green plants can be a way to provide a soothing effect to your eyes and environment. In addition, a natural texture and green color on all bathroom vanity countertops go well with every style. Some common plants that you should add to the bathroom vanities include Boston fern, asparagus fern, and the bird’s nest varieties.

One plus point that comes in by getting some green plants is that it is the most economical method to implement. Besides, you can add a spider plant in the middle of the vanity countertop since it is easy to take care of. You’ll also love to know that these plants play an essential role in getting rid of the humid environment of your bathroom.

3. Put Glass Jars

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

If you’re thinking about bathroom vanity decorating ideas in a DIY way, glass jars can prove as the best choice. They look best on the bathroom vanities. This tip is also an important option when you’re running out of space on the vanity countertop but still want to decorate it with your creativity.
Here’s more you should know!

The addition of glass jars is the best substitute for some storage jars. You can keep Q-tips, cotton balls, and dental picks in the bathroom by keeping them in these glass jars. However, they come in different varieties depending on your chosen size. In this way, you can get the chance to switch the boring storage jars with funky colored glass jars. Also, glass jars can be the best way to tell you about the number of bathroom supplies you have.

4. Add a Decorative Tray

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

If you love spending time in the bathroom, you must keep all your skincare essentials on the vanity countertop. Isn’t it? Then among all the ideas to decorate your bathroom vanity countertop, an important choice is to add some decorative trays. Counter trays can be the best way to use the available space on the bathroom vanity countertops.

We believe decorative trays are mainly used to cover up the extra area. Besides the bathroom essentials, you can place delicate plants on these trays. It dramatically increases the overall ambiance of your bathroom. Furthermore, if you ask us about the choices of decorative rays, you can go with the wooden trays if you have a mid-century or French-inspired home. But, if you want to add trays to your farmhouse’s bathroom vanity countertop, go with the rustic metal trays.

5. Add Some Personal Touch

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Personalizing the overall outlook of your bathroom vanity countertop overall outlook is also one of the best bathroom vanity decorating ideas. This option allows you to customize the countertops according to your choices. Customization of bathroom vanity countertops includes adding family photographs, chic souvenirs, and paintings to add a professional touch.

If you’re still confused about personally customizing your bathroom’s vanity, you can also discuss your ideas with some interior designers. They can suggest to you the most implementing methods to adopt. You can change the background color, add some dark colors to the countertop, install artificial or ornamental flowers, and personalize the collection of bathroom essentials.

6. Don’t Forget Adding Scented Candle

Decorate Your Bathroom Vanity Countertop

Here’s another essential idea to decorate your bathroom vanity countertop most reasonably. You can go for adding your favorite scented candles. Light it up to improve the ambiance and spread an attractive aroma around the air in your bathroom. In addition to this, the primary or focal point of adding scented candles to the countertop will also increase your health benefits.

Many candles are now available with the ability to produce an aroma that seems perfect for improving positivity and relaxation in people. You can also get a small decorative matchbox and candles to light them up. These little additions seem enough to decorate your bathroom vanity countertop.

Get Ready To Change the Look of Bathroom Vanity Countertop!

You’re all set to implement when you have learned major ideas to decorate your bathroom vanity countertop. So, if you’ve known all these tips, let’s get started. If you are looking for vanity options, then Willow Bath and Vanity have more than ten varieties in different sizes of vanity.

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