84 inch bathroom vanity

The vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom’s design. Also, it is one of the most used areas in the bathroom. Consequently, it has a significant impact on how your bathroom looks and feels. The vanity is often where designers begin when designing the bathroom and then guide their choices from there. What are the bathroom vanity trends that should be considered in 2023? Here’s the rundown.

Top 5 Bathroom Vanity Trends

There is no doubt that the bathroom is one of the most used spaces in any home. Even though this is a room that is primarily concerned with functionality, it should also look and feel good. Having a stunning space to wake up to can give you a little boost. There are many ways to create a perfect bathroom space, so start by looking at these ideas.

 Natural Texture 

One of the most popular trends is warming up the space with warmer colors, softer textures, and natural elements. This natural feel is often achieved by using softer colors and textures, adding a touch of warmth and comfort to the room. 

When it comes to choosing a vanity for the bathroom, there are many options to consider. Some materials, like wood, are ideal for a light, airy feel, while others, like concrete and stone, are perfect for a more outdoorsy vibe. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

Double Sink is in Trend

If you and your partner enjoy getting ready together, we recommend double vanity sinks. An 84-inch bathroom vanity would be a great choice, as it comes with plenty of storage and has a stunning design. It’s not a new trend, but its timeless appearance makes it important. It is important to remember that sink styles alter the appearance of any vanity, so when choosing a vanity style, consider the type of sink that will be used. Whether that means a single-piece top or vessel sinks, make sure the styles used are complementary.

Make a Statement With Marble 

Marble is an increasingly popular trend, and it is not going to disappear any time soon. Though the vanity itself cannot be marble, you can choose it for the countertop. Choose a warmer marble color with hints of gold or beige, like Calacatta. Classic white and gray Carrara are also popular. 

The natural wood with marble looks beautiful and is a popular choice in clean and warm designs. Add some matte or warm-toned metals for the fixtures, and you’re on trend!

 Minimalist Styles are in Vogue 

How wonderful it is to have a pristine bathroom vanity with gleaming white surfaces and simple lines—an idea that seems intimidating at first.  

Adding a minimalist bathroom vanity to your design is a great way to create a clean and elegant look. This trend is very popular right now and is sure to last for years. You can choose any colors you want, as long as they are neutrals. There are also several styles you can choose from, including contemporary, hygge, and Japanese. These styles have clean lines, neutral colors, and a minimal amount of details. Search for bathroom vanities near me and explore all the stylish and unique design options.

 Free-Standing Bathroom Vanity 

Floating vanities are one of the most popular vanity trends in 2023. The style is popular this year due to its modern look. Floating vanities also have the added benefit of being visually interesting, which draws attention whenever someone enters a room. The material you choose for a floating vanity will make a big difference in how it looks. 

Free-standing vanities are designed to be placed on the floor or wall, with built-in sinks and cabinets that hide plumbing pipes and fittings. They may provide efficient storage depending on their size. 

When choosing a floating vanity, ask a design expert for advice. They can also help you choose the right vanity and faucet options for your project.

 Embrace mid-century style 

Mid-century modern design is a popular style of bathroom decoration that has been in use for a few decades now. It is simple and has a timeless look, which may be why it has recently regained popularity. When choosing a mid-century modern bathroom vanity, consider what you want your bathroom to feel like and what features are important to you. 

This trend is characterized by a simplistic, functional approach with a hint of personality and eccentricity. The focus is on using different materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and brass, to create a minimalist, elegant look. This style is popular in mid-century vanity bathroom designs, which combine clean lines with a touch of quirkiness, a pop of color, or gorgeous geometrics.

 Give your bathroom a modern look with an industrial vanity 

The industrial-style vanity is both unique and stylish. Its sleek metals and open-space design can create a look in your space that is inspired by industrial design, or they can enhance what you already have. There are many vanity options in this style, including single and double vanities. So whether you’re looking to create a new look or just add some extra style to your space, the industrial-style vanity is a great option.


If you’re looking to buy a bathroom vanity, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of various options before making a purchase. Remember that choosing the right features will make your bathroom look trendy today, but it will still look good years from now. If you want to take advantage of expert design help, talk to a designer before making a purchase.

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