Even though bathrooms are designed for hygiene, you can also show off your style and personality here. When remodeling your bathroom, the “Bathroom Vanity” is a focal point. Finding a perfect balance between design and trend is key when choosing the bathroom vanity. 

Whether a vintage fan or a minimalist, we’ve got the perfect vanity to match your favorite trend. From floor standing to single or double unit vanity designs, using a stylish vanity unit can beautifully enhance the look of your bathroom space. 

Willow Bath and Vanity have curated a collection of smart bathroom vanity trends that can integrate into bathrooms of all sizes and styles. These trendy ideas can elevate your bathroom scheme with personality and practicality. 

Check out these bathroom vanity trends for 2022. If you plan to renovate your home soon, this list will inspire you and help you make the right decisions with the latest ongoing bathroom vanity trends.

Go Vintage With the Bathroom Vanity

The vanity is a top choice to bring some vintage look to your bathroom. Vintage could mean anything from the 1980s to the Victorian era or between. Consider wood vanity for a vintage look. Let the natural grains of wood shine and add the richness most other vanities don’t offer. Ornate details with detailed trim are also a must for the vintage look.  Our range of sleek reeded bathroom vanities Sonoma Teak Wood Vanity, comes in different color and size variations, giving a bold vintage look amazingly. 

Realistic Trend with Natural Wood Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanity trends

These days every manufacturer has their take on natural wood bathroom vanities—the differences in wood tone and texture range from subtle to significant.  We bring you a variety of Warm-toned wood vanities. They enhance the light of your bathroom and give it a warm, cosier and brighter look. Why does this work so well? Naturally finished wood is generally used in the construction of Saunas. This means choosing our Santa Monica or Madison natural teak wood vanities can help you impart a spa-like look to your place. 

Enhance Minimalism in Bathroom by Vanity 

How wonderful is the idea of having a clean and serene bathroom vanity with gleaming white surfaces and simple lines? The idea seems intimidating, right? You can consider adding a minimalist bathroom vanity with golden hardwares to your design. Minimalism is a new design trend. This clean aesthetic is quite popular and has the chance to last long, so you don’t need to worry about frequent changes in your vanity with this trend.

In fact, if you have small or spacious bathrooms, there are numerous ways to give a minimalist touch.  Elegant designs, subtle textures and vanities that blend with the rest of the space provide a sense of minimalism to your place. Try to choose accent colours like navy blue, gray or white; they complement your space and give a classy look.

To continue with a minimalist design, introduce a faucet of a simple shape in gold, and try to refrain from adding contrasting colours and many things on the countertops. You can check our minimal-looking Aberdeen bathroom vanities to amp up your mode of living.

Opt for Modern Farmhouse Trend 

The farmhouse trend is a simple and clean design with a rustic look and feel.  The farmhouse style includes rustic woody texture vanities with gleaming white marble or quartz countertops. If you want a warm and natural look, consider our handmade mango wood vanities.

The most reliable way to get the farmhouse theme in your bathroom is to have a great wooden design vanity. Our sturdy-looking Cambridge fluted bathroom vanities with white or light colored cabinets are popular for farmhouse bathrooms. To bring the feeling of comfort and softness, you can also choose Malibu Mango fluted vanity with light colored countertops from our range. 

Earthy Trend with Warm Tones Vanity

Color schemes shifted from cool to warmer colors by the end of 2021. In 2022, one of the hottest colors for bathroom vanity is Hale navy Blue from our Aberdeen collection. But be sure to avoid cool shades of grey. The warm grey or greige will look ideal for your bathroom vanity. 

Off-whites are also good at warming things up. Their yellow or brown undertones turn the stark white into a relaxed tone. Deep dark forest green or pewter green are other readily available vanity colours to consider. It lends warmth without the dated look that other colors portray.  You can go royal with hale navy blue and choose the popular white too. The colors variations in vanities  will make your bathroom not only warm and earthy, but also visually expand your place.

Relive Mid-century Trend

Bathroom vanity trends

The mid-century style is one of the most adorable and popular designs by designers and homeowners. Why? Because this design often brings out a clean and neat feel. With a variety of  cool colors. The mid-century bathroom vanities are amazing elegant pieces of furniture that will profoundly shape the look of your bathroom. Combining wood’s natural or raw appeal with marble or quartz countertops gives an impeccable style. 

The present legs of the mid-century bathroom vanities have an important role in reducing the visual footprint, preventing the ambience of clutter and lack of space. We have a huge variety of Freestanding bathroom vanities to go with this trend, one of them is our Madison fluted vanity, that can flawlessly combine the functionality and style of your bathroom. 

Gold Hardware for Bathroom Vanities

You might be seeing the addition of gold colour in most of the vanity designs. For most designers, Gold can be the best finishing tool when it comes to bathroom vanities.  We have incorporated elegantly brushed gold hardware in our vanities. The colour contrasts incredibly when used on the drawer pulls, handles on vanities and faucets. 

Do you know why gold elements seem soothing to us in every scenario? This addition of gold reflects light and gives high-quality and classic design elements. Just show everyone how trendy you are by adding gold hardware to your vanity designs and bringing more visual interest to your bathroom.  

Choose a Bathroom Vanity of Your Choice Now from Willow Bath and Vanity

These bathroom vanity trends are just the ideas to get your imagination flowing. Possibilities to combine a trend to for bathroom vanities designs are nearly endless. Have fun with the stated trends and combine some, that seem more appealing to you. 

Whether you want to alive the mid century trend in or want to go with the minimalistic trend, Willow Bath and Vanity got your back. For more queries, you can contact us. We will walk you through each process step and handle all the details to help keep your bathroom vanity buying journey hassle-free. If you are ready to refurnish your bathroom vanity, contact us now! 

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