A fun fact – bathrooms are the areas where the majority of the ideas arise! So, why not upgrade your master bathroom? Well, you can’t deny the truth that boring bathrooms aren’t attractive at all. A little effort can transform your casual bathroom into a master luxury one, so why not try it? We have crafted the following guide to inform you about some of the best luxury bathroom ideas to upgrade. Let’s get started without any further ado!

Give Your Lifeless Bathroom a Luxurious Feel!

Only a few retouches can give your bathroom a luxurious feel, and to help you in this regard, we have listed some useful options in the section below:

Frameless Glass Showers

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

If you have ever been to the hotel bathrooms, they contain frameless glass showers. Doesn’t that give you a feel of luxury? So, to feel the same in your master bathroom, install these frameless glass showers. With a modern touch, these showers don’t offer any ledges for the users to step into the bath area. This means you’ll be able to customize according to your preferences. Besides, you can adjust the length and height of these showers. This technology will enable you to add some comfortable benches in the master bathroom (turning it into a luxurious one!).

Light Up the Space

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Another essential thing that plays a leading role in changing the outlook of your master bathroom is LIGHT. Yes, you heard it right! Light is considered a game changer when you want to remodel your bathroom. However, there are many options when you have to increase the light exposure in your bathroom. You can either add light fixtures of different kinds or install a luxurious yet small chandelier in the area. Believe us; this will change the whole interior!

In addition to these options, if you’re tight on a budget, you can light up the space by opening more windows to the bathroom. After doing so, you will not have to spend more bucks installing different lights and chandeliers. You can get extra lighting for installing them in the under-cabinet areas. There are many vanities at WillowBathandvanity which can be coordinated with dim lights. Pendant lights will also prove as the best option.

Freestanding Bathtubs

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Do you know the best way to wash away the stress of the entire day? Lay in the freestanding bathtubs and forget about everything! This tip can be the best solution to turning the renovation tables for your master bathroom.

One of the best luxury bathroom ideas is to install the highest quality freestanding bathtubs to improve the ambiance of the bath area. It is only possible when you have ample space in your bathroom. Furthermore, the installation of freestanding bathtubs not only brings the demanded luxury to your master bathroom but also gives you a feeling of relaxation.

However, you’ll need to manage the quantity of water, as these tubs require more water to take a perfect bath. We recommend installing standing bathtubs because they are the perfect addition for remodeling bathrooms and give a traditional way of cleaning yourself.

A Vanity that Goes Perfect with Your Interior

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom storage is the primary concern of people looking forward to remodeling their master bedrooms. But, wait! You’ll need a perfect freestanding vanity that naturally complements the bathroom interior. You can select the vanity size according to your bathroom and storage needs at Willow Bath and Vanity. We have double and sink vanities to choose from.

You’ll get the highest quality water-resistant vanities as all products are made of premium-level teak or birch and plywood. If you’re thinking of incorporating a farmhouse or minimalistic look while renovating your bathroom, our Cambridge collection is just for you. People who love vintage interiors can also explore some vintage vanities like Madison or Elizabeth teak tea vanity at our place. The vanities come up with 10 different countertop options to choose from.

Give a Monochromatic Look or Go with an All-Marble Theme

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

In addition to the above luxury bathroom ideas, here is another one that will bring you the best results. If you want a dramatic statement in your bathroom, you should go for the monochrome look with golden hardware. A glamorous or edgy feel comes in the way when you paint the area with some monochromic paints.

Other than that, if you’re eager to experiment with the interior, all marble look is the best option. For doing so, you’ll need to look for a design that contains all walls and floors covered with marble. This option goes best with the royal bathroom styles.

Heated Towel Bars

6 Luxury Bathroom Ideas

Last but not least among the luxury bathroom ideas is to install some metallic or heated towel bars. One of the first things people do after a bath is to cover themselves in towels.

Thus, the presence of a stylish yet long-lasting towel bar in your bathroom is a must. You can look for different options that go best with the bathroom’s interior. Also, you can install a unique shelf for the same purpose.


There can be a lot of options when it comes to upgrading your master bathroom. It includes adding fluted vanities, flawless mirrors, transparent shower walls, changing the lights, and covering the walls with sprinkling colors. No doubt, remodeling or upgrading your bathroom can blow your mind sometimes. This mainly happens due to the flood of ideas. But, we have tried our best to bring only necessary master bathroom upgrade ideas/ luxury bathroom ideas in the guide above.

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