A bathroom is a smaller space, and you want the most of every change you make. This includes your bathroom vanity. It can easily become the centre of attention, meaning you want to get it right the first time.

As the multifunctional centrepiece of your bathroom décor, your vanity should perfectly balance function and style. But how do you choose your bathroom vanity that looks good and checks everything off of your needs? To help make your shopping process easier, WillowBathandVanity has put together this guide of everything you need to know when selecting a new teak bathroom vanity.

The steps to choosing a bathroom vanity

You need to take everything into account, from utilities to look. These steps will help you to select a perfect teak bathroom vanity.

1. Look out for Potential Obstacles to determining Placement and Size

Bathroom designs can always be changed, but what about doors and walls? That’s a little hard. You need to see the shower, toilet and door swings to check traffic flow in your bathroom.
Experiment using a vanity substitute– a box will be perfect. This will give you an idea of where to place the vanity and how it can affect the rest of your room. Once you are sure about placement, you can choose the perfect size the same way. This is where a tape measure comes in handy! You need to measure how long and wide a vanity can accommodate by assessing the area.

2. Find out where plumbing is located

Plumbing also matters when it comes to choosing a style. It costs time and money to change your plumbing. For example, a wall-mounted vanity would require moving the plumbing hooks for the sink, while the floor-mounted vanity can use a typical plumbing layout. Willow provides you with a wide range of Freestanding vanities that are easily fixable and refurbish your bathroom promptly.

3. Choose an Exemplary Vanity Countertop

Bathroom vanity tops and perfect matching vanities can turn your simple bathroom into an oasis you can enjoy for years. At our place, you can find a wide range of countertops in different styles and materials to suit your perfect taste. We have the following two most durable countertops options available in a variable design to bring beauty and increase the value of your vanity.

Quartz– The most durable

Caesarstone Quartz is made up of 93% quartz with resin polymers to make it non-porous, scratch and stain resistant. We have a wide array of style options in this category to ensure a perfect bathroom countertop for your bathroom.

Marble–For a Lush Look

Marble is one of the excellent types of countertop that most homeowners prefer due to its luxe look. If you want a water and heat-resistant countertop with striking patterns, you should try it.

4. Having an Afterthought About Faucet?

From washing your face in the morning to brushing your teeth at night. Bathroom faucets are one of the most heavily used fixtures in the house. It can not be easy to overlook this device which adjusts the temperature and water flow and keeps us clean. To meet your needs, we have two varieties of faucets:

Single Hole Faucet

Rather than distinct supplies and running handles for hot and cold water, we provide a single-hole faucet with a handle to mix water right on the spot.

8 Widespread Faucet

The 8″ widespread faucet has three pieces: the tap and the hot and cold handles. You can independently choose the faucet and countertop with a sink to flourish your vanity look.

5. Pick Out The Materials That Can Handle Wear and Tear

Water, spilt makeup, cleaning products and humidity are gifts from the hot showers we take. This means we want a vanity to endure whatever life throws at us. Most of the vanities are made either of birch and plywood or teak wood. Here is the detailed guide to Teak tea vanities.

Choose Quality WoodTeak Tea Wood

One of the finest materials for the vanity we use is Teak wood. It is durable and easy to use. We believe that the product should be long-lasting and eco-friendly. Willow knows the art of mastering solid wood vanity.

Teak wood is considered to be one of the strongest wood types. The vanities made of teak wood have a glimmer that lasts long and has a sturdy style. We have the following variety of Teak wood vanities which provide a luxe look to your bathroom and bring comfort to your life. Now head below with us to look at our contemporary teak bathroom vanities.

Elizabeth Teak Wood Vanity
Teak Bathroom Vanity

Elizabeth Teak bathroom Vanity is one of those fluted vanities that can match your interior and gives a sleek look. It comes in variable sizes and countertops, giving you the freedom to choose the best for you. The features of this vanity include Elegant design, great storage options and the ability to last long.

Madison Solid Teak Wood Vanity
Teak Bathroom Vanity

If you want to revive your old memories, you should have a look at this Modern Solid bathroom Teak Wood Vanity. This vanity can transform the look of your restroom. This vanity is durable and has high efficiency in fulfilling your needs. 

Malibu Mango Wood Vanity
Teak Bathroom Vanity

Do you need plenty of storage to keep your things and want to save yourself from the hustle of changing the vanities frequently? If yes, then Malibu Mango Wood Vanity is your safest option. It has wide storage options, and the mango wood that gives strength to this vanity is the cherry on the top.

Parker Mango Wood Vanity
Teak Bathroom Vanity

Parker Mango Wood Vanity is the name of stability and sturdy design. This vanity has several drawers with soft hinges and doors, making it one of the safest options. This vanity is the solution to all your storage issues, and the perfect design can amp up the look of your bathroom.

Santa Monica Teak Wood Vanity

If a perfect teak wood vanity with high-end durability is a key solution to your storage needs and a novel design exists, it is Santa Monica Teak Wood Vanity.  This vanity is an all-in-one alternative to all your desires.

Sonoma Teak Wood Vanity

Sonoma Teak Wood is an elegant-looking reeded style vanity. It can be an ideal choice with a polished look and meeting your storehouse’s expectations.

End note

The renovation always gives you immense pleasure, and there is much fun to shop from Willow. First, see your requirements and then come to us.  You’ll find everything you need – and more!

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