48 inch bathroom vanity

The center of attraction in any bathroom is its vanity. With so many designs and styles available today, finding the perfect vanity that suits your needs and requirements can be challenging. 

The sink and its vanity are necessary for washing hands and brushing teeth. Without one, the other is incomplete. Check out this 2023 vanity buying guide if you’re considering installing a new vanity or upgrading an outdated one in your bathroom.

What is the need for a bathroom vanity?

The bathroom is one of the places we spend the most time in every day. This is why we need a particular area to store our bathroom essentials. A bathroom vanity allows you to store toiletries, towels, and other items necessary for a bathroom. 

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation and wondering if you should invest in a bathroom vanity, here are some facts to clarify your doubts.

  • A vanity unit can provide you with storage space to store your essentials while saving you from installing a separate vanity for the same. A functional vanity unit keeps these necessary objects hidden but conveniently accessible, ensuring your bathroom is calm, peaceful, and chaos-free.

  • It comes in different standard vanity sizes, allowing you to choose any one depending on your bathroom’s space and needs. The characteristics of contemporary bathroom sink units include clean lines, hidden drawer handles, and glossy finishes.

  • The vanity units come in two main styles; wall mounted and floor standing. Generally, small bathrooms have wall-mounted vanities because it makes them look bigger. They also add to the modern aesthetic and give a clean, contemporary feel. On the other hand, floor standing vanity units are perfect if you want a more traditional look. No matter which style you choose, both have their benefits. 

How to make the right choice when choosing a bathroom vanity?

When looking for a perfect vanity that will make your bathroom mesmerizing and stunning, here’s what you need to do:

Figure out the users of the vanity:

Before you install a vanity in your home, you must first know who will be using it more often. If you and your partner want to use the vanity simultaneously, then a tiny vanity will be of no use to both of you. Hence, it would help if you had a double sink vanity with a lot of space and storage so that it’s easy for both of you to use it simultaneously.

The size of the vanity:

When planning the installation of the vanity, you must consider the space and area of your bathroom. Only if it has a much more expansive space can you think of installing a bigger vanity. To make this decision, consider the vanity’s width, height, and depth. For instance,

  • Small vanities are perfect for tiny bathrooms and spaces such as powder rooms. They usually come in sizes of 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches.

  • Medium vanities are perfect for any size bathroom. Since they are medium, not too big or too small, they are great for kids’ bathrooms or guestrooms.

  • These medium vanities range from 42 inches, to 48 inches and 60 vanities. If you want one for your small bathroom, you can go for a 48 bathroom vanity

Only a master suite or bathroom can handle large vanities (60+ inches). With these vanities, you get a lot of space to put your things on top or underneath without worrying about space or damage.

Choosing the sink style:

Do not forget that sink style is equally important when choosing a vanity. Pay particular attention to the bowl as well because it will impact the appearance and usability of your vanity. With so many options available, selecting the sink style that you like the most can be a little challenging. The ideal approach is to choose how much counter space you need and how much should go toward the sink. No matter what type of sink you choose, you will need some countertop space, but by choosing wisely, it can be minimized.

Choosing the right color:

Obviously, the color can make a big difference when deciding on a bathroom vanity. The color choices we make affect our mood and personality. Therefore, your vanity’s color will affect your bathroom’s overall design. So it would be best if you made a wise choice. Generally, people in the USA prefer white bathroom vanities. But you can have any color, like blue, brown, grey, or even black, depending on your choice. After all, it’s your bathroom, and you will use it more often than other people.

Location of the plumbing:

The last thing you need to do is find the place of your plumbing. Changing the plumbing lines and pipes can be quite costly and time-consuming. Hence, it would be best to choose a vanity considering your plumbing setup’s location. Before you go out to replace an existing vanity, take note of your plumbing requirements. Make sure the vanity will fit the same plumbing, if possible. Having this in place will significantly simplify your life.


Anytime you consider buying or renovating a bathroom vanity, there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Pick any style or design you like the most and make it the focal point of your bathroom.

Remember, it is entirely your choice. So choose a bathroom vanity in 2023 according to your preferences and needs.

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