oak bathroom vanity

Want to add some spark to your dull bathroom while solving storage issues? 

Then, prepare space in your bathroom for a brand-new 72-inch double sink vanity made of oak. A vanity with three amazing features- size, division and premium material, definitely a stellar deal.

The 72-inch size is perfect for a big family, while a double sink will give ample space for two people to get ready in the morning. The oak wood is the cherry on top, as this natural material is here to stay in your bathroom for a long time.

Let’s see what more can this superb combination offer you-

The Top 7 Benefits of Installing a 72-inch Double Sink Oak Vanity

There are a lot of benefits that a 72-inch oak bathroom vanity with the feature of a double sink can provide you. Let’s break down the perk of each feature for a better understanding-

  • 72-inch Vanity to Compliment Your Big Bathroom: A small vanity can degrade the look of your bathroom by making it look very blank and boring. 72-inch vanity is the perfect way to cover up the idle space in your bathroom. This double sink vanity is not an accessory because it has incredible functions, such as providing a more extended counter space and room for storing more items.

  • Ample Storage: If you are fighting to get space to store your items, stop because a 72-inch double vanity solves your storage problems. The wide drawers and a more extended counter space hold everything.

  • No More Fighting for Mirrors: You don’t have to race to the bathroom, as the double sinks allow two persons to use the vanity simultaneously.

  • Personal Counter Space: If you share the bathroom, a double sink vanity can help you create division and have your own counter space. A personal counter space allows you to decorate and arrange items to your wish without anyone tampering.

  • A Better Option Than Installing Another Vanity: Instead of two separate vanities, it is ideal to install a 72-inch double vanity, which is much more affordable. Also, placing two vanities in one bathroom can look tacky. It is better to use a double sink vanity that doesn’t crowd your bathroom space.

  • Division With Drawers: Still keeping sunscreen with toothpaste? Or you can’t find your soap bar amongst the items stuffed and piled one over the other? Then it’s high time to switch to the 72 inch vanity top double sink as the 72-inch space provides larger space while the double sink vanity gives you enough drawers to arrange your items sequentially. The division of drawers creates an aesthetically pleasing look and helps you find what you need on time.
  • Backup for Emergencies: There are cases when your sink pipe might get clogged, or you have any plumbing problem. The problem can make you panic in the morning when you are just about to seize the day. The stress can be avoided by getting a double sink vanity where you can switch to the other if one sink doesn’t work. 

We have seen the fantastic benefits 72-inch double sink vanity can give. Adding oakwood to it can enhance the look and functionality of your vanity.

Why Should You Get a 72-inch Double Sink Vanity Made of Oakwood? 

  • Adds to the premium look: A 72-inch double vanity is already a premium addition to your bathroom, but oak can add a more expensive look to your vanity.

  • Oakwood vanities are classic and an evergreen choice. If you want to invest in a vanity that suits the elegant vibe of your space, then oak is the ideal pick.

  • Gives a long company to your bathroom: Oak is a natural material considered strong and durable. The wood is resistant to water and is scratch-proof. Oak is the best choice if you are looking for a longevity feature.

  •  Variety of designs: The oak can be craved in many beautiful designs with fine detailing. The finer details are what give a premium feel.
  • Fits any theme: If you want to give your bathroom a more intense and modern look, go for a black oakwood vanity; those inclined towards more sophisticated and minimal vibes can opt for a white oak vanity, or you can keep things classy with brown colour. 
  • Easy to maintain: Oakwood is easy to maintain, and you must worry about deep cleaning as wood has antibacterial properties. You just have to grab a damp cloth to make your vanity spotless. 

Conclusion: After reading about the amazing features of a 72-inch double sink oak vanity, it is sure that it is an excellent choice whether you are adding it to your new home or revamping your house. If you want to start your journey to your dream bathroom, contact our experts at Willow Bath and Vanity for more details.

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