bathroom vanity

Vanity is a necessity in the bathroom. It changes the entire look of the space, making it look organized and neat.

But sometimes, this centerpiece can be the reason behind the destruction of the vibe of space.

Wondering how?

Let us explain it to you.

Selecting a standard-size vanity is one of the most crucial and difficult tasks. 

However, the number of options available in various sizes and styles can overwhelm you quickly.

Knowing how to choose the right bathroom vanity size will guarantee that your needs and taste are met, whether you are building a new bathroom or remodeling an existing one. 

But there is nothing to worry about, we have compiled this guide to explain you importance of the right size vanity and tell you how you can pick the one for you.

So, let’s jump into 

Importance of Choosing the Right Size Vanity 

  • Balance and Proportion: The size of the vanity should be proportionate to the overall size of your bathroom. Let’s understand with an example: A large vanity in a small bathroom can overwhelm the space, while a tiny vanity in a spacious bathroom might appear out of place. So, choose a size that complements the rest of the pieces.
  • Visual Appeal: The right size vanity can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. A well-proportioned vanity creates a sense of balance and harmony, contributing to a more visually pleasing space.
  • Traffic Flow: The vanity shouldn’t obstruct the flow of movement in your bathroom. Leaving enough space for comfortable movement between the vanity, toilet, and shower/bathtub is essential.

How to Choose the Right Vanity Size?

Measure Your Bathroom Space: The only way to start when choosing the vanity size is to take out your measurement tape and measure the space of your bathroom first.

Once you have an idea of the space you have,  then measure the vanity you like at the store.

And for that:

Measure the height of the vanity: The first thing you should decide is what height of the vanity will be best suited for you. To get the height, start measuring from the floor to the top of the countertop. Also, record the thickness of the countertop since thicknesses vary as per the quality of the material.

Measure the width of the cabinets: Measure the distance between the sides of the cabinets to determine their width. Since vanity countertops occasionally have an inch of overhang, you might want to measure the width of the countertop. Even though they’ll use less floor space, you should still allow for the additional space above.

Measure the depth of the cabinets: To allow for any overhang, measure from the front of the cabinet to the wall it is attached to (or backed against if it is freestanding) and the countertop.

The above listed are just a few ways to choose the right size; the list can be long based on the style, material, and color of the vanity.

But in this blog, we will stick to size only, and the following are a few examples of perfect vanity sizes based on the bathroom space.

Vanity Width Best For  Benefits 
24 – 36 inch bathroom vanity Small Bathroom  Provides enough storage without eating the space.    
36” to 48 inch bathroom vanity Medium Bathroom Provide balanced space and storage.
48- 60 inch bathroom vanity Large Bathroom Offers more cabinets and drawers and can also accommodate double sink.
Above 86 inch bathroom vanity Extra Spacious Bathroom  Creates a luxurious spa-like ambiance.


Summary: Choosing the right vanity size should be on your priority list. Otherwise, if you choose an oversized vanity for your small space, it will eat up the look of your bathroom. Additionally, you will hardly be able to notice the overall ambiance of the space because your vanity will overpower everything.

So, remember the above-listed point when buying a vanity; if you still feel confused and not sure about the size you should pick, contact our experts at Willow Bath and Vanity. We have a range of bathroom vanity sizes in different styles, we will also help you choose the ideal piece based on the measurements.

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