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Do you dream of a bathroom that looks visually appealing? Are you someone who has a dream of having a bathroom that looks luxurious?

Then, a vanity is the thing that your bathroom needs. A vanity helps to make your space look more elegant while providing you with an area to carry out your daily tasks. You should not miss out on installing a vanity, whether you are renovating your bathroom or building a new one. 

If you are not familiar with the functions of vanity or do not know which vanity is suitable, then don’t worry. We will discuss in detail how you can benefit from installing a vanity and how you can select the perfect vanity for your bathroom.

What Are The Features of a Bathroom Vanity? 

The bathroom vanity consists of a sink with drawers and cabinets that allows you to keep items. The vanity is a replacement for the old sinks, which do not align with everyday needs. Let us see what are the features of a bathroom vanity that allows you to make your bathroom space more functional and aesthetic:

  • Ample storage space 

One of the things that cheapen the look of your bathroom is toiletries lying around the sink and wall ledge. The lack of proper storage space keeps your bathroom messy. However, a vanity consists of a number of cabinets and drawers that allow you to keep your items neatly and organized. Multiple drawers will enable you to group similar items and avoid mixing different items. Now, with vanity, you can ensure that your bobby pin is not lost amongst piles of other things.

  • Counterspace accommodates decorative items

A bathroom is a place where you have limited choice of decorating it. There is difficulty in finding a place to place the decor items such as plants or perfume stands. The solution for adding decorative items to the bathroom is vanity. The counter space of the vanity accommodates small decorative pieces. You can also place organizer boxes or trays to make more storage space.

  • Great addition to the bathroom

If you have an empty space, then a vanity can properly utilize that area. A vanity is an addition that will change the blank spot of your bathroom to your favorite space.

We have seen how you can benefit from installing a vanity. If you are ready to install a beautiful vanity, then keep reading further. We will discuss what factors you need to consider before installing a vanity.

How to Select the Ideal Bathroom Vanity?

You can make a perfect purchase by considering various factors such as size, number of sinks, storage structure, extra details and color of the vanity. So let us debunk these factors in detail:

  • Selecting suitable size 

There is a huge variety of different sizes that are available in a vanity. You can make a selection of sizes by determining the space of your bathroom. The bathroom area is either small, medium, or large. Let us see what vanity measures match with different bathroom areas:

  1. Small size: Those who have small bathrooms with limited space should go for a 20-30 inch vanity. The vanity with fewer dimensions perfectly fits in congested areas.
  2. Medium size: The ones who have neither too little space nor too much ample space are mostly confused regarding the extent to select. Bathroom vanity within range of 36-49 inches.
  3. Large size: if you have a large bathroom with ample space, then a vanity from 60-84 inches is preferable.
  • Number of sinks 

The bathroom vanities come in a single or double sink. The option of choosing a single-sink vanity or a double-sink one depends upon various factors. If you have a big family, then a 60 inch double sink vanity is good for you. You should go for a single-sink vanity If you want more counter space.

  • Storage structure 

The number of drawers and cabinets can vary in different vanities. Consider whether you want more drawers or cabinets. You can also go for a vanity that offers both drawers and a cabinet. Some vanities also have an open rack at the bottom where you can place your towels for quick access.

  • Extra details 

You can give your bathroom an expensive look by installing a vanity that has finer details that add to its elegance. You should notice whether you want handles or knobs on drawers, what material is used in making vanity and the quality of material in counter space.

  • Colour 

Do you want to know the secret to add a luxurious touch to your space? It is very simple. You can add a class to the bathroom by selecting a vanity in neutral or natural colors. The colors such as white, black, gray, beige, and natural wooden shades keep the look of the bathroom graceful.

By keeping in mind the above factors, you can select the vanity that fits in like the missing puzzle that completes your bathroom’s look. But you don’t have to limit yourself just by installing a vanity. Do you know that you can further make your bathroom more appealing by adding some fun elements to it?

If you are wondering what exquisite features you can add to the bathroom, scroll down further.

Extra Elements That Enhance the Look of Bathroom 

Here is a list of items that you can add to make your vanity more stunning:

  • Mirror with a fun frame 
  • Decorative pieces that serve storage functions such as stands for makeup, trays for accessories and pretty soap dispensers
  • Vines or flower vases 


The right vanity can become the top feature of your bathroom. Choosing the ideal vanity for your bathroom starts with purchasing from the right place. So, if you want a vanity that is durable and stylish, contact our experts at Willow Bath and Vanity.

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