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Wondering how you can create a minimalist yet modern look in your bathroom? Then you are at the right place Nowadays, bathrooms are far from boring. These areas can have some of the best characteristics in a house, with spectacular cabinetry, lovely lighting, textured accents, and distinctive tiling. A bathroom often has little or no furniture; however, the vanity is an important design part.

You might also find a vanity with different sizes, styles, and ranges that suit your preferences. One of them is floating vanities, which is also our favorite topic to talk about.

They have been a part of many of our projects for several years. We will explain why adding floating vanities to your small bathroom might benefit you in the future.

You can give your bathroom a fresh, modern look by choosing a vanity that floats. They fit into any design scheme, whether rustic, modern, or simple. There has been a transition from all-white vanities to more warm wood, such as a 24 inch bathroom vanity in Norcross/Alpharetta, Georgia.

What is a Floating Vanity?

Wall-hung vanities, or floating bathroom vanities, are specially designed, shorter base cabinets that float on the wall rather than sit directly on the floor. As soft contemporary styles become more prevalent in kitchen design, wall-hung cabinets are becoming more popular as homeowners look for elegant and functional designs that are simple, sleek, and clean.  

Adding a floating shelf to enhance your bathroom’s space can be a functional component and an additional visual layer of interest. 

A floating vanity is an excellent way to open a bathroom in a compact area. We adore the enduring appearance that the extended flooring beneath the counter provides. Overall, it has a bigger feel. To meet various height needs, floating vanities are a wise choice. For instance, you may lower the vanity in a child’s room or raise it for a taller family member. Consequently, floating vanities offer additional design flexibility.

Occasions to Choose a Floating Vanity For

There can be a diverse range of occasions where you might choose to install this type of bathroom vanity with a sink of 30 inch in Norcross/Alpharetta, GA. Some of these are:

  • For restricted spaces: A floating vanity gives the impression that the bathroom is larger because it doesn’t reach the floor.
  • For family units with kids: The floor clearance provides enough for storing a stool and mop in those confined spaces.
  • For showing off flooring: Show off your wonderful floor by avoiding covering it with a typical vanity if you’ve decided to install one.
  • For storing bathroom essentials: Floating vanities provide alternatives for drawers, cabinets, and open shelving whether you require less or more storage. 

So when you shop for a bathroom vanity, keep this stunning bathroom element in your mind alongside the reasons you want to buy it.

Benefits of Installing a Floating Vanity in Your Bathroom

If you are renovating your bathroom, here are some reasons why you might consider a floating vanity:

  1. It Creates an Illusion of a Bigger Bathroom: Bathrooms often have fewer windows and less space than other rooms in the house. You may wish for a bigger room if you’re aiming to create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Even if you cannot alter the size of your bathroom, you may still make design decisions that will give the impression that it is larger and more opulent. Wall-hung cabinets can be useful in this situation. With floating cabinets, the vanity is raised so that the entire bathroom floor is visible, giving the impression that the room is larger and the floor is wider.
  2. Easy to Clean: A floating vanity provides several benefits, but one of the most significant advantages is its cleaning convenience. Unlike traditional vanities with cabinet legs that can make it difficult to reach the floor, a floating vanity allows easy access to the entire floor area. This makes it easier to keep the space clean and free from dust, debris, and moisture, which can contribute to an unhealthy environment. Overall, a floating vanity’s ease of cleaning can create a more hygienic and welcoming bathroom.
  3. Modern and Sleek Appearance: Floating vanities are known for their contemporary and sleek aesthetic appeal. Any bathroom decor will look sophisticated and elegant with them. The minimalist design, clean lines, and absence of visible plumbing fixtures contribute to a seamless and polished look. It is an excellent choice for those who prefer a modern or minimalist style.
  4. Adjustable Height: Floating vanities offer the added benefit of having an adjustable height feature, which allows for increased flexibility and convenience. Users can choose their desired height for optimal comfort as they are mounted on the wall. This feature is especially advantageous for households with multiple users, as it can easily accommodate various preferences and heights.
  5. Increased Property Value: Adding a floating vanity to your bathroom can increase property value. This is because it is a popular feature in contemporary bathroom design, which can attract interested buyers or renters. A well-designed and practical bathroom can greatly enhance a property’s overall appeal. Therefore, installing a floating vanity is a wise investment with long-term benefits.

A floating vanity has several advantages, from improved aesthetics to customization possibilities and space-saving advantages. It’s a great option for any bathroom because of its contemporary appearance, simplicity of upkeep, and versatility.

Enhance Your Bathroom Space With Our Vanities

The Willow Bath and Vanity bathroom vanities offer various design options for achieving the unique beauty and harmony that define a bath retreat. To find the aesthetic that calms your senses and comforts your soul, choose from any door style or finish in our wide range of wood species, modern materials, and finish possibilities. With a choice of cabinet layouts, each vanity can be customized to fit any bathroom plan and meet your needs.

So start now to make your bathroom a lovely hideaway!

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