double sink vanity

A double-sink vanity can be a brilliant choice to make your bathroom look more stylish and elegant. The best thing about installing a double sink vanity is that not only does it elevate your bathroom, but also the double sink feature has many advantages. 

Let us see what benefits the double sink vanity provides apart from enhancing the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

What are The Benefits of Choosing a Double Sink Bathroom Vanity? 

The following points unfold all the perks you can enjoy by installing a double sink vanity:

  • Division of items: Now, you don’t have to worry about mixing all your makeup products with your soaps, as the double sink vanity has ample cabinets, which allows you to keep your products in a neat order.

  • Covers the space: One of the biggest advantages of double sink bathroom vanities is that they utilize your bathroom’s idle space, which helps the bathroom transform from dull to attractive and luxurious.

  • More counter space: The double sink vanity provides more counter space area. The counter space is great for keeping the items you need to grab quickly in the morning rush.

  • A backup: If one of the sinks shows issues, you can switch to another until the repair process is not completed.

  • Vanity for dual use: The double sink allows two persons to get ready in the morning at the same time. Now, you won’t have to wait for your turn to use the vanity.

  • Adds to the luxurious feel: The double sink vanity makes your bathroom look more premium, and by choosing a classic color like black or white, you can take the premium look to the next level.  

We have seen how a double sink vanity is a great addition to your bathroom. But do you know that some more tricks can help upgrade the looks of your bathroom?

Are you curious about what else you can do to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom? 

Here you go! The following additions to your vanity can be considered if you want to make your bathroom look more stylish: 

Additions that will Enhance The Look of Your Double Sink Vanity 

  • Mirror with lights: Installing a mirror on the sink is nice, but what can make it even better? Lights, yes, now you can put lights at the back of the mirror. Many options exist, such as light strips in various colors or bulbs attached to mirror frames.

  • Tray on a countertop: Ditch those canisters or small cups with attractive trays. Trays might sound more promising, but once you search for trays online or in the market, you will find a variety of trays with wooden designs, metallic designs, and glass designs.

  • Matching accessories: A 48 bathroom vanity can look chic if you get accessories in the same color and pattern.

  • Plants: Plants are a great way to add a natural look to your bathroom while keeping the atmosphere fresh. You can place a small plant on the countertop or hang some vines by hook on the wall.

  • Perfume stand: if you have expensive perfumes with beautiful bottles, don’t keep them in the cabinets; instead, take them out and showcase them in your bathroom with a perfume stand. The stands come in various shapes and sizes.

  • Baskets: baskets are a great alternative to plastic containers to keep your items. The basket comes in various sizes, so it can keep it all whether you want to keep your towels or bobby pins. 

We have seen how you can make your double sink vanity more interesting by adding these items. A vanity can look good with some extra additions, but if it is not maintained correctly, it will lose its charm over time.

You don’t want that, do you? 

You don’t have to worry as here are some tips that can help in keeping your vanity brand new:

How to Maintain a Double Sink Vanity? 

The following tips help to keep your vanity clean without damaging it:

  1. Use a mild cleaner to clean the sink and countertop.

  2. Ensure to thoroughly clean the vanity and reach out for the tight spots, as the dust accumulates in smaller places. You can use an old toothbrush to reach tiny spaces.

  3. Set a day in the month for cleaning all the cabinets and throwing away all the used-up and expired products.

  4. In case of leaky faults, contact your plumber immediately to avoid water damage to your vanity.

  5. Always ensure that after all cleaning, you wipe all the vanity areas with a dry cloth to keep the surface moisture-free. 


Investing in a double sink vanity can be great if you want something that can make your bathroom look more luxurious while solving storage issues. If you are looking for a brand that can provide various options with superior quality, contact Willow Bath and Vanity.

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