60 inch bathroom vanity

The bathroom is the place where most of us start our day. Thus, it is crucial to create a space that is functional at its best and looks eye-catching and out of the world.

In order to make things more livable and refreshing, colors play a vital role. The same is true when it comes to bathroom decor.

When choosing a color pallet for your bathroom space, you must first decide the feel you want. Moving forward, we will see how a splash of colors can uplift the mood of your room.

Trending Color Pallets For Bathroom Vanity

When designing any room in the home, interior designers give particular intention to color pallets. Not only do different colors create a different vibe in a room, but it also has a specific psychological effect on the emotions and perceptions of our mind. 

Mainly talking about bathrooms, colors have a unique role to play. For instance, if you wish to achieve a refreshing vibe, try a color such as green, blue, or even pink. In this article, we’ll explore some of the trendiest color palettes. Though it isn’t easy to define the perfect color for a bathroom, our guide will help you understand the significance of colors in evoking an emotional response in your body.

Dark Forest Green

The color green represents nature, growth, and balance. With its association with safety, green transforms spaces and comforts us with its refreshing properties. It is ideal to have a green bathroom vanity in order to create a calming, natural ambiance. No matter what shade of green you choose, a white marble countertop and basin will bring balance and relaxation to your home. When shopping for vanities for your spacious bathroom, we recommend 60-vanity double sinks. Along with the refreshment of the color pallet, you will have double storage space to organize your utilities.


When we see the color white, the thought of peace, purity, and cleanliness come into our minds. White is mainly associated with new beginnings and refreshments because it represents a blank canvas.

If you are searching for a vanity for your small bathroom, invest in 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity with a white shade. This will make your bathroom look spacious and clean.


The color blue reminds us of the blue sky that depicts the endless opportunity and the feel of refreshing air. Bringing calm and tranquility into your home makes blue a perfect color for relaxing spaces, such as your bathroom. What is better than 36 Inch Bathroom Vanity that is blue in color for your small bathroom? 


Gray is the color that opens up new ideas and activates intuition in a bathroom that looks modern, sophisticated, and impartial. Depending on the gray tone, some shades may appear dark, while others might appear modern. To create an aesthetically pleasing environment, combine a grey vanity with a white marble countertop.


Joy, optimism, and energy are unsurprisingly associated with vibrant yellow. A splash of yellow will evoke positivity in your home all year long, mimicking the warmth of sunlight.

Your bathroom will instantly brighten up and enhance your mood when you add yellow to the color palette, regardless of whether you choose a mustard shade or a splash of sherbet lemon.

You can begin by adding yellow accessories to your bathroom if you need help incorporating this color. Alternatively, if you like a bold design, try yellow wallpaper.

Your options are limitless; that is why keep in mind whatever colors you choose in your bathroom, and make sure the rest of the decor complements it. 


A long day at work can leave us tired, and the bathroom is the place where we can relieve our fatigue. So choose your bathroom vanity, color pallet, and wall paint everything wisely. It’s essential to make sure these pieces complement each other to create a calming space.

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